5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Efficiency

5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Efficiency
As a generally-accepted rule, our brain capabilities are determined by the family genetics and the childhood we had. But what if you either want to improve your brain efficiency or sustain it? It can be hard, challenging, but nothing like impossible. Despite your innate brain potential, you can train it to perform much better. It’s possible to get your brain in a much better shape, regardless of your current intellectual level. You just need to understand that it requires efforts. We’ve identified 5 key ways to keep your brain efficiency or even improve it.

Challenge your brain

Challenge your brain Research-based findings show that mind activities generate new nerve cells and create new connections between them. Read different genres – novels, scientific books and journals, learning manuals. Take courses, no matter whether for your career building or just as a hobby. In addition, even different word or math puzzles will keep your brain in a good shape. Develop your creativity through creating hand-made stuff, painting, blog writing, designing and other activities that will require the combination of manual efforts with mental thinking. Learn new languages and master new skills. Don’t be afraid of stress – it will only stimulate your brain activities and make it better resistant to “drainage”. Brain inactivity has a destructive power – never forget it.

Mind your health

Low brain efficiency is very often related to your overall health. High blood pressure, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels tend to weaken your brain capabilities and even make it vulnerable to a row of various diseases. You first need to identify the factors that trigger any health disorders in your body and then take gradual steps to eliminate them. For example, if your blood pressure is too high, consider regular exercising, limiting your alcohol intake, reducing stress levels and having enough fresh air. If your blood sugar or cholesterol levels are high, consider changing your diet, drinking more water, avoiding tobacco and having an active lifestyle. However, it’s recommended to talk to a doctor if you need further help. Protect your emotions

Protect your emotions

As mentioned earlier, stress can stimulate your brain to work more efficiently. For example, too high workload can cause stress but at the same time make your brain stay active. Yet, leave some time for rest. Have enough sleep and leave time for some distractions. However, such sources of stress as constant depressions, fear and anxiety are not going to do any good. Regular conflicts with certain people can raise indifference and lead to depression. Try to avoid people who enjoy conflicts and take all your energy away. Your emotional state and mental health are vital for your brain efficiency.

Take care of your spine

You probably know that a lot of health related issues are caused by spine disorders. Whenever you have a headache or feel like you don’t have enough fresh air or feeling too weary all the time, the reason may lie in your spine. In fact, a pinched nerve in your spine can make you feel it’s not related to your spine at all. Very often, people try everything they can to cure a headache or other issues and finally find out all they’ve needed was a special massage therapy. Do more workout, practice yoga on a regular basis and focus on the exercises for your spine, visit a masseur from time to time. As a result, you will find it easier to breethe and enable more fresh air nourish your brain.

Eat more fish

Eat more fish Seafood is rich in omega-3 and other elements that stimulate your brain activity. Having fish for dinner at least 2-3 times a week has been proven to boost the mental performance by nearly 10%. It may be related to the fact that fish oil increases the flow of blood to the brain and enhances the immune system. Little processed fish foods are particularly healthy for your brain. Which is why you are really lucky if you are fond of sushi. However, if you don’t like fish, you can buy fish oil supplements instead and take them daily.  


High intelligence has always been something to admire. Luckily for everyone, it can be trained, just like any muscle in your body. Some choose to stay with what they have and some try really hard to achieve the most their brain is capable of. What are you planning to do with your brain capabilities? Develop them or let them drain? Use these 5 easy ways to boost your brain capabilities – they should be really simple and fun to follow. Keeping your brain efficiency at the highest level will make you work better and solve problems easier, but you don’t need to do everything on your own, get online assignment help and concentrate your attention on other important questions and tasks.